Through proper marketing techniques we construct detailed marketing offerings to pre-qualified investors with a proven track record of results.


As a Las Vegas resident of over 50 years with 32 years of experience in commercial real estate investment and residential sales. Al understands the market and its idiosyncrasies more than most of his colleagues. He has developed strong business relationships and mutual respect throughout the commercial real estate industry thus establishing him to be a market leader. Clients trust his judgment and believe in his underwriting ability along with his in depth knowledge and awareness of current market conditions. Using “state of the art” financial evaluation and income projection software called ARGUS has enabled him to produce complex marketing presentations for potential institutional buyers. Al’s experience on many levels has given him the vision to understand many business types and how they operate. You can always rely on him to perform with highest expectations and goals in mind. Al has sold over $1,950,000,000 of commercial real estate in his career!


We work with investors to find properties that meet or exceed specific acquistion guidlines and parameters that yield high returns.  


we're more than just your broker - we're your partner in real estate !

We have top experts in commercial real estate for legal review of contracts and proper inspection of structures. Using highly rated escrow and title companies provides smooth ownership transition.